Customer Testimonials

I was introduced to Radan® in 2006 after using Software like CadCam, JetCam & SMP81 and the like. Never before have I used such a powerful package that assists us in what we produce & design. The power of Radan® is amazing. I can open a dozen separate 3D windows allowing me to ensure every part is perfect (or as close to as possible prior to sending the post to trial the part) and this feature has saved us thousands of dollars in material, time and hassles. I started with a Finn Power 2520, Amada Aries 222 and am now using Finn Power's 2525 & F525 with over 600 punches & 3000 dies of all types and brands, all run with Radan. As far as support is concerned, I have not yet encountered any type of error (let alone a problem) that Stephen and his staff at SNC Solutions have not solved within minutes.

Everything is explained perfectly and we are guided through any type of problem no matter how trivial it may be, even PC problems not related to the Radan® software are solved without any "that's not our problem" comments. The training provided to us by SNC Solutions is enjoyable and fun but most importantly I walk away each time with a new set of skills and a much better depth of understanding of the capability of the Radan software, which gives me more ability & increased production. As far as tooling is concerned, there is not much that Stephen does not know and if we can’t resolve the issue on the sport, there is never a long wait to get the answers. I would now rather hand code our Turret's then swap Radan with any other software on the market.

Lowbake Australia
Dane Russell