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Customer Testimonials

After researching 3D software packages for approx. 18 months we chose Radan and have been extremely happy with the now ability to produce 3D components and switchboard assemblies.

The software program is user friendly and with the on-call assistance and training from Stephen and Marty we were able produce 3D drawings in a very short time.

The ability to fabricate parts and have them fit exactly because they have been drawn in a 3D image and then unfolded has increase our production and eliminated the remaking of parts.
Our company has benefited in so many ways with the implementation of this software and would recommend it to other sheet metal fabrication companies.

Mal Upton

At Mik Waters Fabrication we use Radan Software to run our Finn Power Turret and Shear and since having this program and support from Stephen Mullens, we have found it efficient and it makes work a lot easier for us. Stephen is very professional and his knowledge/assistance with Radan has been nothing but the highest of standards. He returns calls and emails quickly and provides me with great advice and help. I would not hesitate in recommending Stephen and Radan for all your needs.

Mik Waters Fabrication
Michael Waters

Synectix supplies precision sheet metal components to a diverse mix of clients and a vital part of our capabilities is the suite of Radan products we employ in our engineering department. Radan easily handles the programming for our Amada Pega and EMZ turret punches and our LVD laser system, providing full use of all machine features such as tapping, auto loading / unloading & part chutes.

We haven't always used Radan, as a bad experience with an earlier, poorly supported version had led us to try other products, with separate programs used for turret and laser programming.

When it was decided to bring it all under one platform, Stephen Mullens was instrumental in convincing us that the new generation of Radan, was worth the investment. Stephen's reputation as a skilled programmer and I.T. professional gave us the confidence to return to the Radan family and it is a decision we have not regretted.

The support, training and technical assistance provided by SNC Solutions has been second to none in my opinion, and I have seen the skills of my programmers grow as a result.

Synectix Enclosure Systems
Laurie Osmand - General Manager