Customer Testimonials

I started a small business over 15 years ago. As it has grown, so has our need for computing solutions.
We have introduced an accounting package, multi-users, a quality management system (which requires security control), weekly system back-ups and anti-virus support across the system.
All this has required a computing system that has had to grow with the business.

SNC have been with us for the journey and have provided advice and support on hardware, software, networking solutions, training, UPS hardware, breakdowns, malware & virus software, clean-ups and up-grades as well as annual maintenance checks.

A major area of support for continuing business growth is the software support and upgrading. Microsoft, the wonderful organisation and profit generator they are, obviously continually upgrade software packages and we have to step up to meet the continual change that they enforce.
SNC have helped us keep up, train us on the new systems and advantages and challenges they bring and provide smooth changeovers when these upgrades occur.

We are now operating Office 365 across 2 countries and SNC are helping us integrate this operating system to full advantage.

I feel, as a small business operator, that with the support of SNC, the computing side of our business is operating well and is well supported. I feel they have helped us handle the constant change and growth that is needed with our computing systems to be a successful business


Andrew Stray